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Smart Home Devices That Work With Alexa

Today is the age of ‘smart’ technology. There was a time when mobile phones were a luxury but now we absolutely cannot do without the ‘smartphone’. And what good is a smartphone without the apps that are designed to simplify everyday life? But what if there is something better than apps, something that is even more convenient to use? Meet Alexa, Amazon’s intelligent personal assistant.

Alexa is Amazon’s voice service which can follow conversational voice instructions. Want to know the weather forecast? Ask Alexa. Bored? Get Alexa to tell you a joke. Need to set a reminder? Alexa’s got you covered! And yes, Alexa can also help you order things from Amazon.But that’s not all. There are several smart devices which you can use in the house that are compatible with Alexa’s software. Below are listed some of these devices that will change the face of your home.

Smart Home Devices That Work With Alexa

Amazon Echo

Echo provides the interface required for Alexa. It can stream music and control smart home devices. There are now other versions of Amazon Echo available – Echo Dot, Echo (2nd Gen.), Echo Plus, Echo Show, etc. You can select the one which suits your budget and requirement. Echo, thus, is your virtual assistant that can be customized via the Alexa app.

Amazon Fire TV

How about watching TV and controlling the volume or surfing through voice commands? The Amazon Fire TV is compatible with a 4k ultra HD and HDR TVs. You can communicate with Alexa through the Fire TV remote and can navigate between apps like CBS, Netflix, NBC, etc. The Amazon Fire TV stick is a more economical version of the Fire TV.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

So, you have a voice-controlled TV. But what if you are in the middle of cooking and want to watch your favorite show? Or a recipe video?  The Amazon Fire HD 10 is an improvement over the popular Fire HD 8. It has a 10-inch screen and a 1080-pixel resolution. In addition to streaming TV and movies, it can access literally thousands of apps. You can play games on it and read Kindle books.

iHome ISP100 outdoor plug

This smart plug has a robust design to withstand all weather conditions and is water resistant. It is great for outdoor lighting for the festive season. And you can control it through Alexa. It is versatile and easy to use.

Philips Hue White LED Starter Kit

Lying down on the bed, reading a book, and then feeling too lazy to get up and switch the lights off? Don’t worry! Just say, “Alexa, turn off the bedroom light”, and you are done. All you need is the white LED starter kit from Philips that comes with two bulbs and a small hub that needs to be linked to your wi-fi. You can ask Alexa to switch ON or OFF the lights, and also dim the lights.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

The Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller can be connected to your lawn irrigation system. Then, through Alexa, you can set timers for the sprinklers, schedule the sprinklers to switch ON at a particular time and also specify which zones you wish to cover.

Ecobee4 Thermostat

The earlier Ecobee thermostats could be controlled through Alexa, but the new Ecobee4 has inbuilt Alexa service. This means you can control it by voice without a separate interface. You can tell it to adjust the temperature and also get it to play music for you or use it to order something from Amazon. Now that’s one cool thermostat!

August Smart Lock

After a tiring day, you finally crawl into the bed and get under the covers. But then, you suddenly wonder whether you locked the front door before retiring for the night! If you have the August Smart Lock, you can simply ask Alexa to lock the doors and sleep peacefully. While many different smart locks are available in the market, August Smart Lock is easy to install and comes in a basic, compact, and efficient packaging.

iRobot Roomba 690

In the age of everything smart, here’s a smart vacuum cleaner. Now you can schedule cleaning, check progress, start and stop the vacuum cleaner all through Alexa. Not only this, the 690 will return to its charging point once it has done all the cleaning for you.

GE Profile Convection Range

Yes, you guessed it right! You can tell Alexa to pre-heat the oven to the required temperature, without lifting a finger! Cookies, anyone?

This video show more cool devices that work with Alexa:

The Future Of Smart Home Technology

It is the most popular term that we come across nowadays “smart home technology”. It is most interesting that why a home is called smart home and the reason is that all the equipment present in the home is being a technological advance.  So primarily the daily life equipment that is present in our house and we need for our everyday life is controlled in auto mode that is by using a sensor and remote control. Internet or WiFi is in use for the control of the equipment. So mainly here the concept of the internet of things is introduced. So now we are in the technology world where hardware and software are combined. So in the best part of the article, we are going to illustrate the need for this technology, its benefits and the future of smart home technology.

Uses of Smart Home Technology

Technology is a blessing in human life as it makes our life more comfortable. Before the invention of smart home technology we operated the equipment using switches, and still, we managed to live a good life, but after the smart home technology has come into action, our lives have become better and more luxurious. We can stay in any part of the world and still manage to control the equipment. For example, if we are present in our bedroom and just forgot to close the garage door where our car resides so in only one button we can close our garage door from our bedroom. In this case, we get entertainment all around like we can sit in any corner of the house and play the music.

We also get security like CCTVs present in our house records every personal incoming and outgoing from the house and some sensor alarms like when there is a fire breakdown or theft. Also, we don’t need to have key and lock in our house, as we give fingerprint and face recognition security, we can provide the same security system in our home. It is also helpful in health issues like during fall or collapse of the building there s direct connection to the nearest hospital and if someone in the house has some medical emergency can also contact to the nearby hospital using smart home technology.

How Do Smart Homes Work?

As stated earlier the Internet of things concept get introduced, i.e. everything is controlled using Internet or WiFi. During the installation, we set up a password for security reason and a sensor that is connected to all the equipment and is managed by the Internet and by using a remote control we can control all the stuff. And not only by remote control we can also control the things using our voice, fingerprint etc. Smart home technology work with a relatively simple system that is transmitter and receiver where the receiver detects a specific signal from a transmitter that issues a command.

Some of the early innovation like the telephone, microphone etc. gave rise to the idea of the invention of smart home technology. The term smart home was coined by American Association of Home Builders. They invented some the devices like portable dishwasher and microwave, and this idea was further accomplished by the invention of new smart home technology.

Benefits of Smart Home Technology

The benefits of smart homes are not limited to just one or two; there are many advantages of using smart home technology. The various benefits are listed below

  • Ease of control – as stated earlier we can stay in any corner and can operate our home equipment using a remote control or few command for operation.
  • High security- the CCTV footage in our home and entering the house using our fingerprints or face recognition and if someone tries to break the lock then there would be an alarm set to it through which we can know the danger is entering into our house.
  • Entertainment – we can be seated in any corner of the house and can play the music in the other corner. Television, media player and all the entertainment units can be in connect to the smart home technology.
  • Lifestyle personalized – we stay in the ultra-modern world and hence our lifestyle must cope up with the trend going on. So it improves our lifestyle.
  • User-friendly- we can handle it with very ease, and we don’t need much skill to operate it. Just a remote control with password mode would be sufficient to control the home equipment
  • Agreeable most of the time- it saves money, consumes energy and reaps our monetary bills so altogether it is very convenient as it integrates with other products or system in the home.

From smart microwaves to automatic lighting and the innovative Internet made the home more fun convenient and secured hence it potentially increases our investment.

The Future of Smart Homes

The future of smart home technology is not only fascinating, but it promises to transform our lives. It has been on the cusp of taking off for decades.  It is the convergence of hardware and software that not only controls the day to day usage of home but also enables the house owners to be smarter in all their financial decisions as well as managing and improving the house. With the Internet of things, the products can detect and communicate the need for repair and mend before appliance breaks. Suppose our aqua-purifier which needs to be cleaned and candle repaired time to time so with the help of IoT it reminds us when it gets to be fixed.

Suppose winter season is there. And we are in the car shivering with cold, and we need to get warmed up before we enter the home, so from the vehicle only we can command our thermostat to switch on so that it would heat the room before we enter the house in this way it is time-saving.

Similarly, a toast which has a built-in camera and recognizes what you are cooking and according to that sets temperature as well as give instructions for cooking.

A high secured house with a lot of smart appliances can change our lifestyle as well as its convenient in any forms. It facilitates the power demand, and we see an improved world when we are using the new technology.

Here’s a look at how the smart homes of tomorrow could effect real estate:

Benefits of Smart Home Technology

Remote home control system on a digital tablet or phone.

Many people have started to upgrade their homes with the latest technology as it has become more affordable and accessible. Until now many people were not aware of the home automation facilities that were available, but people are slowly getting quite familiar with various technologies that make their lives more comfortable at home. When you move to a smarter home, you get to control every part of your home. Be it safety or accessibility you will definitely benefit from investing in smart home technology.

Smart Home

The following are some of the benefits of having a smart home technology:

Everything under your control:

Just by installing certain smart appliances like oven, fans, lights, television, air conditioners, music systems you can control the devices by using specific apps on your mobile device. All you have to do is make sure that your appliances have the ability to connect with your mobile devices or any other device which you are going to control the other appliances. No longer do you have to worry about leaving the iron box on and leaving home. You can use your smartphone to turn the device off from where ever you are. The automation technology is continually upgrading, and developers have built many apps and devices that control almost all the appliances in our homes.

Protecting your loved ones and property:

The smart home appliances will signal you whenever there is a mishappening. No longer do you have to worry about not being aware of something that happened in your house while you were away.  Smart homes provide you with one of the best connectivity. Not only can you prevent accidental fires from your oven but you can also watch out for your loved ones or pets at home. The automated technology allows you to respond to the unexpected. For example, you can install a moisture monitoring device, and you can set alerts on your phone for the unexpected change in the moisture of the room, thereby you can prevent any leakage in your house. Investing in a smart home appliance is a great way to proactively guard your house against heavy damage which could make you spend a lot for the repair.

Reducing your electricity bills:

If you had forgotten to switch your devices at home, you don’t have to wait till you get back home to switch them off, you can control it with your mobile device and turn it off. The smart technology senses movement, and if no one is in the room, it automatically turns off the lights and other appliances in the room. Thereby you save a lot of energy that otherwise gets wasted. The technology may sound like an expensive investment, but as we are moving to a faster world, we definitely require such technology to help us in our day to day activities.

Best Smart Home Software

Smart Homes

Smart home technology is trending in almost every country, and everyone is slowly moving to homes which have automated technologies that you can use to make your life easy and convenient. You do not have to worry about forgetting to switch off an appliance at home. If you happen to have a device with that is connected to the appliance, you can switch it off anytime you want. But one thing about this technology which makes it a little frustrating is to figure how to bring about the connection between your controlling device and the appliances at home.

Smart Homes

The following are some of the best smart home software you can use to connect to the appliances at your home:


Alljoun is an open source which allows you to communicate with your devices at home or work. It is a collaborative software which is quite flexible and facilitates brilliant network connections. The software can sense any kind of motion and respond accordingly. The software uses a client-server model technology, and it also has something which is known as Device System Bridge; this technology was added to the software by Microsoft. You can use Alljoyn to synchronise all your media players to play a particular audio.


LinuxMCE is popular open source software, and it is designed in a way that it makes your computer to act as a home theatre, video recorder and automation system. You can control all your smart devices at home with the help of LinuxMCE from accidental oven fires to taking care of your loved ones. The software is VoIP compatible, and it also supports video conferencing. It is also extremely user-friendly, and it also has some audiovisual device functions.


The Open Home Automation Bus is a well-known home automation solutions. The software is powered by Java, and it has many features which make your life quite easy. OpenHab aims to provide a platform for integration to fix various issues. The software runs on any device that is capable of running a Java virtual machine. The software can support many appliances, and it is designed in a way where the developers can add their own plugins or devices

Home Assistant:

The home assistant software can easily be deployed on any device. The software is also highly accessible, and it has easy configurations. You can connect it to multiple devices, and it has many technologies with provides you with some of the best functions and features. The software has an MIT license, and you can find its source code on GitHub.


Insteon has a dual mesh networking topology where each device each appliance in your home will transmit and receive messages independently. It was launched by SmartLabs in the year 2005. It also has a brilliant security and it is maintained by a linking control so that your neighbors can not mess with your network connections.

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