What Is A Slideshow Website Plugin

As the world of the web becomes more and more popular, the ‘visual’ aspect of the content becomes all the more important. Today, everybody wants content that is visually appealing and quick to read and understand. High quality images, gifs, and videos are used to make the content on the web more reader-friendly. It is also one of the top most ways to make your website more attractive and to get more netizens to read your content. And now, the trend seems to have gone back to using slideshows, which were quite popular in the yester-years. And thus, the advent of slideshow plugins for websites!

Slideshows still have mass appeal and are a good way to present your content and promote it. It usually gets a good number of views. In web designing, the slideshow used on a website is referred to as a ‘Slider’. Website sliders can be placed on top of the website content on the home page so that readers get an overview of all that the website has to offer. They can be made interactive, so that they respond to clicks (open the relevant page) or swipes (move to next or previous slide).

Things to consider before installing a slideshow plugin for your website

  • Sliders load content and images (generally high resolution) which can make your website a little slower.
  • Slideshow plugins use JavaScript which load independently. This can again make your page loads slower.
  • If the website is designed to be responsive, go for sliders that are responsive too, to adhere to the general theme of the website.

Popular slideshow plugins

Listed below are some of the slideshow plugins that are easy to use.

Sangar Slider – All you have to do to use this plugin is upload media, and then just drag and drop to create slides. There is plenty of room for customizing the code to get what you want.

Meta Slider – You can create mobile responsive sliders with this plugin. It has four in-built options – Nivo Slider, Coin Slider, Flex Slider and Responsive slider. Full customization is available.

Galleria – This easy to use plugin can create slideshow of images. You can scale images on the slideshow. It also provides touch screen feature.

Supersized Slider – This plugin is one of the best options to create slideshows for websites which want to showcase high quality images, such as photography or tourism websites. It provides full screen background sliders.

Neat Slider – It comes with a fully customizable code and great performance. It is also compatible on various different browsers. It is responsive and once you have installed it, it is easy to use.

Soliloquy – This is one of the simplest and most user-friendly sliders. You can create the desired slides pretty quickly and the final result is quite good. Customization options are limited, but with an upgrade to the pro version, you can get past that too!

Smart Slider 2 – It is a neat little plugin with a lot of options to choose from while creating your slideshow. You can also look at the preview of the slideshow before finalizing it.

Cyclone Slider 2 – It is a decent slider which can be used to showcase images and videos. Different transitions can be used for each slide. It is a good option for multilingual websites as it compatible with qTranslate.