What Smart Home Devices Work with Google Home?

It seems like the technology updating nowadays is starting to look more and more like those exciting science fiction books.The scope of the creation of smart devices is extended more and more every day, and it’s becoming easier for everyone to get their hands on one of them. In today’s society, it isn’t a matter of rich people or technology fans to use fancy devices, the need to adapt to things in the workplace or in our personal space makes us get on the train even if we don’t have interest in technology.

Today, there’s a wide variety of devices that make life easier in a fun and organized way and anything that diminishes our residual work —the one that does not generate any income or satisfaction, but it’s necessary anyways— is welcome. Smart home devices are an invention that was conceived a long time ago. However, they have taken over the world, becoming very popular in lots of different countries

But it didn’t really blow up until Google, one of the most powerful companies in the world, known for its marketing of products and services related to the internet, decides to launch a device that would change the world: Google Home.

A speaker and intelligent voice assistant that also acts as a friend that will assist in everything we need just by speaking to it. In other words, this device will do a lot of things for us, like controlling locks, bells, gadgets for pets, controlling the lighting and the thermostat, play music, watering the garden. Total control of our homes in a nutshell.

Best smart home devices that work with Google Home

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Philips Hue

Let’s start with your lights.This is the best device to organize the lighting at home, create scenarios or specific environments in each room, or create themes for your guests. And, of course, all with voice control.


When it comes to temperature and body comfort inside your home, you always expect the best. With this Google device, you will forget that you have to control it in any way because it learns from you in less than a week and will adapt and act on your preferences.

Honeywell Wi-Fi

If you do not want to allow your device to have full control on the thermostat like with Nest, this is a really good substitute option. You can program, according to the external environment, your specific temperature preferences for every day of the week.

Google Chromecast

Regarding entertainment, this system allows audiovisual streaming in any smart device, fully connected to the Google Home device and always alert to what your voice says, allowing you to also send content from your smartphone. Once connected, whether from your TV, PC, Tablet or phone, you can run any multimedia content from YouTube or Netflix.

iHome ISP100

If you don’t want to think about, or just can’t remember certain tasks, like turning on the lights of the outdoor area, this device that supports all climatic phenomena will do it for you. Now you can turn on or program the lighting from your sofa!

August Smart Lock

Safety is an important aspect of any home. As the population increases so do the risks of becoming victimsat home. Taking care of what you own becomes a priority and with this device, you can check if your house is safe at any time. An interesting feature is that using Google Home, you can check if your door is locked or not.

Anova Precision Cooker

A pressure cooker that you can handle at any distance! Yes, this incredible device will be your assistant in the kitchen when your hands are busy or you need to handle several recipes at once. You just have to give certain orders and you’ll get delicious food.

TP-Link HS105 Smart Plug

Do you have so many devices turned on at once, and you keep forgetting to turn them off? With this pretty amazing artefact, you can solve that. You just have to connect it and you can tell Google Home when to turn it on or turn it off.

Rachio Sprinklers

If you have a garden and there are days when you forget that it exists or you are just too tired to pay attention, this device will fit you beautifully and will not allow your garden to die. It connects to your Wi-Fi and can interpret watering times taking into account weather forecasts to save water. Quite green!

Wink Hub 2

With this device, you can control all of your other gadgets. Set up smart devices compatible with Wink and then manage them using Google Home.

Samsung SmartThings

Now you can manage the Samsung smart devices that you have at home with Google Home. It’s like Wink, but specific to Samsung.

Ring Video Doorbell

This amazing advice is great in terms of security, it will be aware of the movements in a 180-degree vision ratio, and initiate recordings when you indicate it. To make it even better it stores the information in the cloud.

iRobot Roomba 690

A vacuum that will do the dirty work for you, scheduling the events in sixty minutes time. And by itself, after finishing the work,it returns to its base to recharge and be ready for the next job.

Logitech Harmony remotes

Like in the futuristic films of the eighties, the control of television and programming by voice is now possible with this luxury device. The screenwriters of the time predicted the future pretty well based on our laziness.

Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener

This device performs a simple but very useful task: the function of opening and closing the garage by voice command.

JBL Link20

With this gadget, your Google assistant goes everywhere with you.It is a small portable speaker that connects you to your Google Home, with a long-lasting battery and it’s water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about being left in the rain.

There are no excuses now, with these devices you can take advantage of every second of the day. Investing and improving the level of intelligence to your home has many advantages, from comfort and security to the best time management.