Smart Home Devices That Work With Alexa

Today is the age of ‘smart’ technology. There was a time when mobile phones were a luxury but now we absolutely cannot do without the ‘smartphone’. And what good is a smartphone without the apps that are designed to simplify everyday life? But what if there is something better than apps, something that is even more convenient to use? Meet Alexa, Amazon’s intelligent personal assistant.

Alexa is Amazon’s voice service which can follow conversational voice instructions. Want to know the weather forecast? Ask Alexa. Bored? Get Alexa to tell you a joke. Need to set a reminder? Alexa’s got you covered! And yes, Alexa can also help you order things from Amazon.But that’s not all. There are several smart devices which you can use in the house that are compatible with Alexa’s software. Below are listed some of these devices that will change the face of your home.

Smart Home Devices That Work With Alexa

Nest Cam

The Nest Cam is a next generation security camera. It originally was known as Dropcam, but was bought by Nest and re-branded as Nest Cam. They have indoor and outdoor versions that can be completely integrated with Alexa. There are other security cameras that work with Alexa, like Ring, see if Nest Cam or Ring is better for your needs.

Amazon Echo

Echo provides the interface required for Alexa. It can stream music and control smart home devices. There are now other versions of Amazon Echo available – Echo Dot, Echo (2nd Gen.), Echo Plus, Echo Show, etc. You can select the one which suits your budget and requirement. Echo, thus, is your virtual assistant that can be customized via the Alexa app.

Amazon Fire TV

How about watching TV and controlling the volume or surfing through voice commands? The Amazon Fire TV is compatible with a 4k ultra HD and HDR TVs. You can communicate with Alexa through the Fire TV remote and can navigate between apps like CBS, Netflix, NBC, etc. The Amazon Fire TV stick is a more economical version of the Fire TV.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

So, you have a voice-controlled TV. But what if you are in the middle of cooking and want to watch your favorite show? Or a recipe video?  The Amazon Fire HD 10 is an improvement over the popular Fire HD 8. It has a 10-inch screen and a 1080-pixel resolution. In addition to streaming TV and movies, it can access literally thousands of apps. You can play games on it and read Kindle books.

iHome ISP100 outdoor plug

This smart plug has a robust design to withstand all weather conditions and is water resistant. It is great for outdoor lighting for the festive season. And you can control it through Alexa. It is versatile and easy to use.

Philips Hue White LED Starter Kit

Lying down on the bed, reading a book, and then feeling too lazy to get up and switch the lights off? Don’t worry! Just say, “Alexa, turn off the bedroom light”, and you are done. All you need is the white LED starter kit from Philips that comes with two bulbs and a small hub that needs to be linked to your wi-fi. You can ask Alexa to switch ON or OFF the lights, and also dim the lights.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

The Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller can be connected to your lawn irrigation system. Then, through Alexa, you can set timers for the sprinklers, schedule the sprinklers to switch ON at a particular time and also specify which zones you wish to cover.

Ecobee4 Thermostat

The earlier Ecobee thermostats could be controlled through Alexa, but the new Ecobee4 has inbuilt Alexa service. This means you can control it by voice without a separate interface. You can tell it to adjust the temperature and also get it to play music for you or use it to order something from Amazon. Now that’s one cool thermostat!

August Smart Lock

After a tiring day, you finally crawl into the bed and get under the covers. But then, you suddenly wonder whether you locked the front door before retiring for the night! If you have the August Smart Lock, you can simply ask Alexa to lock the doors and sleep peacefully. While many different smart locks are available in the market, August Smart Lock is easy to install and comes in a basic, compact, and efficient packaging.

iRobot Roomba 690

In the age of everything smart, here’s a smart vacuum cleaner. Now you can schedule cleaning, check progress, start and stop the vacuum cleaner all through Alexa. Not only this, the 690 will return to its charging point once it has done all the cleaning for you.

GE Profile Convection Range

Yes, you guessed it right! You can tell Alexa to pre-heat the oven to the required temperature, without lifting a finger! Cookies, anyone?

This video show more cool devices that work with Alexa:

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