How to Create a Smart Home

Being part of the technology updating train of every day definitely means not letting this process pass, and if you are one of those people who are not left behind then you must adapt and make your home evolve making it as smart as you want.

Now, it is not necessary to spend so much energy on superfluous tasks that only consume our time making life happen without realizing it. With a Smart Home, you can minimize these unnecessary activities and, in fact, they can become fun as you personalize and program actions, such as turning the lights on and off, the intensity and the colors of the light bulbs, the thermostat, the music, remembering your tastes by certain products according to your routines and more.

First of all, to program a control and monitoring system that is easily managed and installed, you need to select the assistant that best suits you and your needs. This would be the basis of the smart home, and here are several options for you to pick from.

Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa are the most influential in the market and rightly so, these assistants will make your life much easier by controlling your smart devices with just speaking and giving simple commands to activate them. Of course, you will need the hardware to implement one of these assistants at home, and this hub will become the first smart device to control the rest of the smart devices you’ll get to create a smart home.

After having the hub of your preference, the next step is to identify your needs and aspirations. Here is when the fun begins, because you have to start visualizing the smart home of your dreams and then you must ask yourself how much do you want to automate. What tasks do you want to reduce? What are the programming criteria for these tasks? It is best to take a tour of each corner of your home, going from room to room and writing down what you consider most convenient according to what you observe in each one.

You can divide the main aspects you want to get smart in security, lighting, environment, help, and entertainment. Then, separate the observations you write according to each aspect. If you are standing at the entrance of your house, what do you expect to change there? Security? Make a research and you will find many devices that would improve your home, like external security cameras that let you know who entered or if a car entered the property, internal security cameras that notify you immediately if a stranger broke into the place, security sensors in real time, or a doorbell that gives you visibility 24 hours a day.

There are locks that you can manipulate with your smartphone. Who is at the door? Check and decide whether to allow the person to get in or not.

So, moving to the next space, keep doing the same evaluation. For example, in the living room, what are the devices that can give you the best entertainment and create the best environment? You can program a system to fabricate the perfect climate for a cinema night, games time, a special night with your partner, work or whatever you want, with colors and intensity in the light bulbs. Also, control the smart TV from your smartphone or simply control it with your voice. Yes, you can even do that!

Moving forward to the heart of your home, the kitchen. How much can you improve this area? A lot. What does your fridge need? Don´t know where to buy or where to get the best prices? Well, there are smart devices that alert you when you need something in your kitchen and, in fact, thanks to the internet, they can suggest where to go and where to find the best price.

So, make sure of what you really want or need, because you can find so many devices that would help in many ways. At the same time, you must study each one of the spaces at your house and start creating your smart home by getting the devices you will first need and then, as the technology progresses, you can adapt to every need that appears in your home and in your life.

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