How To Make Your Smart Home On A Budget?

It is always fascinating to see in a science fiction movie how lights, appliances, garage doors, blinds and curtains of an apartment or house are controlled with one or several buttons, or from a cell phone application. But more impressive than watching it in the cinema or television, is to be able to do it in real life.

How to Create a Smart Home

Being part of the technology updating train of every day definitely means not letting this process pass, and if you are one of those people who are not left behind then you must adapt and make your home evolve making it as smart as you want.

History Of Home Automation Systems

It is undeniable that the very idea of home automation is appealing, especially to curious young minds. Imagine the world of possibilities that open up with home automation- when kitchens can download online recipes, order groceries and cook by itself, or when windows and doors can sense an intruder’s presence, and lock themselves down immediately. Of course, one would then wonder where the idea of home automation even sprouted from in the first place. Well, whether you’re a tech junkie or just curious about home automation in general, there is a lot more to the topic than just what meets the eye. Here is a brief history of home automation systems.

Best Smart Home Setup With Alexa

In the era of technology where trends come and go, it is easy to pass up every bit of new technology as a fast-fading fad. As of late, the name Alexa has been blowing up on all sorts of technology websites and blogs, but what exactly is Alexa and how is it different from other pieces of technology? In short, Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant that was initially developed by Amazon. It has many features and is capable of completing many tasks that a real-life assistant would be able to do, such as voice recognition, making to-do lists, reminding the owner of essential events, providing real-time information about the news and weather, and even ordering take out. Among the few features that make Alexa unique is the ability to incorporate Alexa into one’s house and all its facilities, creating an automated house, also known as a smart home. Understandably, different people would have different interpretations of what the best smart home setup with Alexa is, and here are some factors to consider when setting up the best smart home for you.

Automate Your Home With Raspberry Pi

In the modern era of technology, society has learned to continually adapt to a fast-paced world chock full of all sorts of innovations and creations. A case in point is that we’ve gone from using landline telephones and dial-up internet to the touchscreen, multi-purpose phones, and fiber optic internet in less than twenty years. It’s no wonder that we adapt so readily to these innovations, as they have helped us in so many aspects of life, be it communication, transportation, or even just convenience. Recently,however, there has been a new topic trending among the devout technology junkies and IT blogs- and that is home automation, specifically with Raspberry Pi. Here are all the answers to commonly asked questions about Raspberry Pi and some reasons why you should automate your home with Raspberry Pi.

Smart Home Devices That Work With Alexa

Today is the age of ‘smart’ technology. There was a time when mobile phones were a luxury but now we absolutely cannot do without the ‘smartphone’. And what good is a smartphone without the apps that are designed to simplify everyday life? But what if there is something better than apps, something that is even more convenient to use? Meet Alexa, Amazon’s intelligent personal assistant.

The Future Of Smart Home Technology

It is the most popular term that we come across nowadays “smart home technology”. It is most interesting that why a home is called smart home and the reason is that all the equipment present in the home is being a technological advance. So primarily the daily life equipment that is present in our house and we need for our everyday life is controlled in auto mode that is by using a sensor and remote control. Internet or WiFi is in use for the control of the equipment. So mainly here the concept of the internet of things is introduced. So now we are in the technology world where hardware and software are combined. So in the best part of the article, we are going to illustrate the need for this technology, its benefits and the future of smart home technology.