Smart Homes

Best Smart Home Software

Smart home technology is trending in almost every country, and everyone is slowly moving to homes which have automated technologies that you can use to make your life easy and convenient. You do not have to worry about forgetting to switch off an appliance at home. If you happen to have a device with that is connected to the appliance, you can switch it off anytime you want. But one thing about this technology which makes it a little frustrating is to figure how to bring about the connection between your controlling device and the appliances at home.

Smart Homes

The following are some of the best smart home software you can use to connect to the appliances at your home:


Alljoun is an open source which allows you to communicate with your devices at home or work. It is a collaborative software which is quite flexible and facilitates brilliant network connections. The software can sense any kind of motion and respond accordingly. The software uses a client-server model technology, and it also has something which is known as Device System Bridge; this technology was added to the software by Microsoft. You can use Alljoyn to synchronise all your media players to play a particular audio.


LinuxMCE is popular open source software, and it is designed in a way that it makes your computer to act as a home theatre, video recorder and automation system. You can control all your smart devices at home with the help of LinuxMCE from accidental oven fires to taking care of your loved ones. The software is VoIP compatible, and it also supports video conferencing. It is also extremely user-friendly, and it also has some audiovisual device functions.


The Open Home Automation Bus is a well-known home automation solutions. The software is powered by Java, and it has many features which make your life quite easy. OpenHab aims to provide a platform for integration to fix various issues. The software runs on any device that is capable of running a Java virtual machine. The software can support many appliances, and it is designed in a way where the developers can add their own plugins or devices

Home Assistant:

The home assistant software can easily be deployed on any device. The software is also highly accessible, and it has easy configurations. You can connect it to multiple devices, and it has many technologies with provides you with some of the best functions and features. The software has an MIT license, and you can find its source code on GitHub.


Insteon has a dual mesh networking topology where each device each appliance in your home will transmit and receive messages independently. It was launched by SmartLabs in the year 2005. It also has a brilliant security and it is maintained by a linking control so that your neighbors can not mess with your network connections.

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  1. Most of us must have heard about the smart homes and its benefits and now i am here to tell you about the top 5 software you should surely install in order to get a more comfortable and safe living. These software are as follows AllJoyn, Insteon, Home Assistant, LinuxMC etc.

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